The Middle East market is an attractive option to any professional.  In Dubai in particular you will have an opportunity to work for major firms and financial institutions within the DIFC which is the business region in Dubai. You will have an opportunity to work on one of a kind complex assignments. The mix of diversity and skill set is exhilarating.

The region is cosmopolitan with a diverse mix of population with many ex patriate employees. Global mobility, secondments and project work are plentiful which will allow you to travel between different offices and regions. The market is fast paced exciting and continues to attract global organisations to the region. Economic growth figures are extremely positive with further predictions of continued growth.

The Middle East is a zero income tax region and for this reason alone the region is an attractive location given the fact that salaries are in line or in some cases are higher than salary scales in Ireland and the UK. Historically packages were paid by splitting up salary, housing, school fees and other costs but more recently packages are paid out in one lump sum. Private medical insurance is a mandatory benefit which is superb. Travel to and from the Middle East is very accessible now with many regular flights available and Europe, Africa and Asia are all reachable in a few hours.

If you are thinking of relocating with your family, there are some amazing ex pat communities that you can live in and schooling in Dubai is private throughout.

With the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, the region has been emphasizing on investments in various sectors such as economic growth, real estate, environmental avenues and public affairs. Dubai has made major investments in Real Estate as well as introduced a world’s largest Solar Power Project which is all set to start by Expo 2020.

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