Most urgent opportunities December 2020.

Opportunities within the law firm sector are gaining momentum and it feels like it will be a very busy first quarter for recruitment into 2021 which is very positive. Candidates however, still have a reluctance to move and are considering their options in a cautious manner which is very understandable given the year we have just had.

Please be assured that law firms will only sign off on headcount if they are absolutely required and it is at that point that the requisition will go out to market. Some opportunities are back fills but interestingly some are newly devised roles. I have listed some of the interesting opportunities that I am currently recruiting for. If you are interested in having an exploratory chat with me, please reach out and we can discuss in confidence.

Senior Employment Lawyer – Top tier law firm (Dublin or cork)

Commercial Contracts/Technical Lawyer – Top tier law firm (Dublin)

Corporate Lawyer ( 5 years and 2 years) – New International law firm (Dublin)

DAC6 Compliance/AML Manager – Top tier law firm (Dublin)

Knowledge Manager – Top tier law firm (Dublin)

Business Development Manager -Top tier law firm (Dublin)

Client Service Director role (L+D) – Dublin

Business Development ( Bid Coordinator) – Top 10 Dublin.

Please go to for more information regarding opportunities listed.

ELAI | Nov Dinner 2023

ELAI | Nov Dinner 2023

We were delighted to sponsor the ELAI dinner in the Westbury Hotel. The members had an opportunity to hear from Sinéad Burke of Tilting the Lens. Thanks to Julie Galbraith from Eversheds Sutherland for making this sponsorship happen.

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