What differentiates us from the pack

As one of the top legal recruitment agencies, we source the best talent to meet the specific needs of our Law Firm clients.

We live and breathe law firm talent. Nothing is more important to us than sourcing the best business and legal talent to meet the needs of every law firm we work with. But the secret to consistently delivering success is in the way that we work.

We speak to law firms and candidates about opportunities and recruitment challenges they face each day. Each conversation and meeting we have added insight into this complex market and strengthens our understanding of the shifting trends.

We can provide market insight to a firm’s decision making or an individual’s career plan. At the same time, our knowledge gives us the confidence to challenge assumptions, champion innovation and support firms and candidates in standing out from the pack.

We enjoy relationships with our law firm clients that span years because of the way we work. As times are challenging with Covid-19, law firms are hiring only very strategically, and candidates will equally only move for strategic and secure roles.

Gillian Weir

Operating since 2016, Gillian is the owner of Tyler Weir and has worked in human resource and executive recruitment for 20 years. Gillian holds a post graduate diploma in human resources. She is a graduate in employment law and is an associate member of the Institute of Personnel Development.

Her career started in one of the largest recruitment agencies; CPL. From there she progressed as Head of Recruitment for Matheson, which is one of the top 5 law firms in Ireland. To gain global exposure she relocated to the Middle East with her family to work as regional HR Manager for magic circle law firm Clifford Chance.

Having worked on both sides of the table Gillian understands the challenges hiring managers face and the critical need for having a talent strategy that works. Equally, as a candidate who relocated from Dubai, she is familiar with the undertakings which should be considered when moving positions and locations.

It is for this reason and passion that she established one of her own legal recruitment agencies where she can add value and offer considered advice to both employer and candidate.

To get in touch with Gillian directly email gillianweir@tylerweir.ie

Our Approach

Our approach to business is built through ethics and values which our company stands for; professionalism, honesty, integrity and quality.

These values are displayed through the service level agreement we provide to both our clients and candidates. Our mission is to be regarded as a specialist agency for law firms and candidates who want to partner with law firms.

As part of Tyler Weirs SLA, its aim is to provide quality candidates to law firms and also to act as an information hub for law firms regarding market analysis and research. Tyler Weir has strategically chosen to partner with a selection of law firms from Top 5, Top 10 and International firms.

Tyler Weir agrees to work as a partner to our law firm clients and to guarantee a professional, honest and integral service, offering quality options at all times.

If you would like to get in contact with us about our candidates, you can do so here.

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