When looking for your next move within a law firm or professional service organisation, the task itself will only be worthwhile to you, if you secure job offers from firms that you absolutely want to work for. With this in mind, spend optimal time when researching potential new employers and list your priorities. Here are some considerations that might help you along the way;

Salary. The obvious one? You may be solely motivated by the numbers, or for you, salary level may not appear high on your priority list at all; either way, make sure you have correct market data regarding your role type and individual experience. If you are relocating country, ensure you research the cost of living in that particular region and understand the regional salary scales and relocation package.

Type of work. Don’t assume the type of work you will have access to when looking at a firms location or size. Find out directly from the hiring partner. You might be surprised by your findings. Sometimes being based in a smaller office can offer exposure to meatier and complex work.

International exposure. Is this an important factor to you? Many firms offer secondment opportunities to regions as well as client secondment posts. Perhaps there are possibilities to become a member of a global team regarding various project work within the firm itself. If this is not global enough for you why not list the countries that you would consider working in and consider a relocation opportunity.

How important is flexibility to you? Firms are making further considerations surrounding flexible working arrangements. Many articles suggest that flexible working increases productivity, wellbeing and increases retention in the workplace. This can be an awkward topic to approach at an interview stage process. For some, the willingness or openness for a firm to have considered flexible working arrangements for their employees is the deciding factor when comparing one firm to another.

CSR. For many, it is integral that a corporate social responsibility policy is in place. Most firms have a variety of initiatives regarding this topic and in some cases it can form part of your annual evaluation when being assessed at performance review time. Many studies have confirmed that this is important to the majority of you so don’t be afraid to ask the question at interview.

Professional development. This may be a priority for you to ensure that you have a clear goal regarding professional development and ongoing study. Many firms have excellent policies and learning and development opportunities in place.

The fit. The feel, the culture, the vibe, the way you felt when you left the interview. There is no easy way to assess or explain this and only you will have the answer to this one. Go with your gut and decide if this feeling actually out ways another priority that you had factored further up the list.

In summary, there are so many priorities to think about when choosing your next potential employer, and many more which could be added to your list.  Whatever your priorities are, ensure that you take your time and look at your next move strategically. It may make the difference between a short term position and a longer term career.

Thank you for reading this article. If you would like to discuss your priorities in the hope that we may have a potential match for you in Dublin, London or Dubai; please contact Gillian Weir in confidence on 0870932887 or email Absolute discretion is assured.   

ELAI | Nov Dinner 2023

ELAI | Nov Dinner 2023

We were delighted to sponsor the ELAI dinner in the Westbury Hotel. The members had an opportunity to hear from Sinéad Burke of Tilting the Lens. Thanks to Julie Galbraith from Eversheds Sutherland for making this sponsorship happen.

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